GREAT SCOTT! I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Takes The Boo Crew to the Enchantment Under the Sea D

GREAT SCOTT! The bamd I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME takes The Boo Crew to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance for Episode 36! Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman stop by to talk 80’s horror films and haunted venues! Discover the fright flick that holds a special place in Dallon’s heart and the one so disturbing he can’t talk about! The correlation between IDKHOW’s EP 1981 Extended Play and the movie Donnie Darko! Then..the guys perform an exclusive acoustic set live, which you can also WATCH below and our YouTube channel. This episode hits 88mph! Follow I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME on: Instagram: @iDKHOW Dallon Weekes @dallonweekes | Ryan Seaman @ryanseaman Twitter: @iDKHOW Dallon Weeke

The Boo Crew Gets Locked in the Red Room with the Amazing Kate Siegel!

On Episode 35, The Boo Crew is locked in The Red Room with none other than Theodora Crain from Mike Flanagan’s genre smashing and terrifying Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House - KATE SIEGEL! Get a tour of Kate’s nerdroom full of 80s horror props, Dr Who and what didn’t get sold at the Hill House yard sale! Creep around the making of the award winning horror film HUSH that Kate not only starred in but co-wrote. Will the Crains return for another season? Learn the secrets of the groundbreaking sixth episode and take a vacation in Room 217! Then join the ‘Crew as we go back in time for another spin of the Wheel Of The Damned! Get your gloves on for this one.... Follow Kate Siegel on: In

The Boo Crew Gets Stuck in a Time Loop with Jessica Rothe and Chris Landon of Happy Death Day 2U!

It’s not deja vu-It’s just The Boo Crew Podcast Episode 34! Get stuck in a SPOILER FREE time loop with writer/director and star of the new Blumhouse film HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, Jessica Rothe and Chris Landon! This will get you SO excited for the new film opening in theaters everywhere February 13th. Get to know Jessica and Chris unlike ever before and discover the secrets of the HDD franchise. Get a heads up on some things to look out for in the new film in the ultimate easter egg hunt! Learn about the plans to make this a trilogy, the tricks behind the most insane stunts, why you should stay through the credits and more! PLUS the return of the Wheel Of The Damned, where the Crew talks Canadian

The Boo Crew is Joined by Multi-Juno Award Winning Singer-Songwriter-Visual Artist and Comic Book Cr

Leave the LIGHTS on for Boo Crew Episode 33! We are joined by multi-Juno Award Winning singer/songwriter/visual artist and comic book creator LIGHTS! Hear her talk about why horror is one of the only genre of movies that she likes! Watch yourself as you explore her collection of swords and attend a haunted writing session at a cabin in the woods. Blast off into the dark reaches of space exploration and discover the secrets of an occult background. Then, it’s the debut of BOO CREW TERROR TUNES! Live, intimate musical performances conjured up in our seance room. Lights performs two songs including the acoustic debut of her latest single with @deadmau5, DRAMA FREE. You can also watch it at tale

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