The Boo Crew Sits Down with the Incredibly Unique and Captivating Dark Folk Singer - Amigo The Devil

The Boo Crew sits down with the incredibly unique and captivating, horror and true crime influenced, dark folk singer, Amigo The Devil! Step into the eerie world of his macabre collection, find out which fright flicks he wears on his arms like badges of honor. Learn about the cinematic and real life horror references found on his amazing new album “Everything Is Fine”, produced by the legendary Ross Robinson, available everywhere now. Then join us in the Speakeasy for a live acoustic set of new songs from the record, that will leave you stunned. Watch the videos of the acoustic performance on our YouTube Channel. Plus, The Crew hikes up the alps to check out the witchy new film “Hagazussa”!

The Boo Crew Dives Deep into the Black Lagoon with Author, Filmmaker and Podcaster Mallory O'Mea

The Boo Crew dives into the amazing new book, The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and The Lost Legacy Of Millicent Patrick with writer, filmmaker and podcaster, Mallory O’Meara! Join us as she uncovers the mystery of the only woman in history to create one of Universal’s classic monsters! Swim thru the twists and turns that take us to the Disney vaults, the far off reaches of outer space and even Hearst Castle! PLUS - rain is in the forecast as we weather the storm for the newest flick in the Conjuring Universe, Michael Chaves’ “The Curse of La Llorona”! Order your copy of The Lady from the Black Lagoon HERE Follow Mallory O'Meara on: Instagram: @malloryomeara Twitter: @mallo

The Boo Crew are Delightfully Haunted By 'The Curse of La Llorona' Director Michael Chaves!

¿Donde están mis Boo Crew?! Maybe check in with Michael Chaves on a spoiler free Episode 43! Meet the director of the latest horror film from New Line Cinema and Atomic Monster, “The Curse of La Llorona” in theaters everywhere April 19th! Find out how a terrifying short film (filmed at the original @enterdelusion house no less) prompted James Wan to hand over the keys to The Conjuring 3 and the script based on a many centuries old Mexican folk tale. Hear about working on a haunted set, designing the monster, and collaborating with Billie Eilish on her spooky video for her single “Bury A Friend!”. First, the Boo Crew recap the amazing Monsterpalooza 2019 Convention that takes place annually i

Step Right up to Episode 42 as The Boo Crew Chats with the Insanely Talented Darren Lynn Bousman!

Wanna play a game? Then step right up to Episode 42 for our chat with the insanely talented Darren Lynn Bousman! Hear his truly remarkable story of how he went from getting fired off the set of The X-Files to writing and directing Saw 2! Accidentally meeting Michael Rooker when he first got to Hollywood! The stories behind Repo: The Genetic Opera and the whimsically dark set design (like that amazing corridor of portraits!) Becoming the architect of the most incredible immersive experiences in existence, like Tension, Lust, Theater Macabre and more! Some lasting an entire year. Hear the creepiest set story…you’ve EVER heard and all about his latest terrifying flick, ST. AGATHA, available eve

The Boo Crew Grab their Shovels and Go Beyond the Deadfall with PET SEMATARY Directors Dennis Widmye

The Boo Crew grab their shovels and go beyond the deadfall with the Directors of the terrifying new flick PET SEMATARY, in theaters everywhere April 5th! Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch dig up tales from behind the scenes and how they got involved in bringing the famed Stephen King novel King himself refers to as the one that scares HIM the most, back to the screen! Learn about the elaborate set pieces you’ll experience, what went into getting these harrowing performances, the freedom of updating the story for a new audience, and why you’ll want to watch it again and again to discover the many secrets hidden in the film! Also, discover their debut horror film STARRY EYES! Sometimes dead is b

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