The Boo Crew Comes Down with Horror Auction Fever with Prop Store

The Boo Crew has come down with auction fever! Get out your paddle, get introduced to PROP STORE and discover all of the amazing screen used items from your favorite horror films that they have available in their upcoming auction September 30th and October 1st. Props, wardrobe and ephemera from The Craft, Hocus Pocus, From Dusk Till Dawn, Evil Dead, The Shining and more could be on your mantle! Episode 70 is on the auction block now! Follow Prop Store on: Instagram: @prop_store Twitter: @propstore_com facebook: @PropStore Web: Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts: #PropStore #screenusedprops #thecraft #theshining #evildead #ghostbusters #ashvsevildead

The Boo Crew Heads Back to Devil’s Kettle High for a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of JENNIFER’S B

Come along with The Boo Crew to Devil’s Kettle High for a celebration of the 10 Year Anniversary of the film ‘JENNIFER’S BODY’! We are joined by none other than Jennifer Check herself, Megan Fox! Hear her in an absolutely fascinating convo about her connection to the paranormal, her incredibly deep interest and knowledge of ancient mysteries and archaeology including her personal quest for the Ark of the Covenant! Discover how she became involved in the Jennifer’s Body project, the secrets behind her performances, your favorite scenes broken down, her thoughts looking back on the film today and more. Then we go thru the Boo Crew archives and dig up interviews with the film’s Oscar winning wr

The Boo Crew Discusses Horror Props and Collecting with Profiles in History!

Have you ever wanted to be closer to the horror films you absolutely love? How about taking a piece of one of them home? On September 25th and 26th, Profiles In History is holding their Icons and Legends of Hollywood Auction. You could own screen used props from your favorite movies and tv shows: iconic items from the Evil Dead franchise, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Jaws, Alien, The Shining, Child’s Play, Gremlins, Ghostbusters and many more! The Boo Crew haunts their warehouse on location with PIH’s Brian Chanes and Joe Moe to learn how these treasures are acquired, how they authenticate them, the most expensive prop they’ve ever sold, the amazing pieces of cinematic horror that could be yo

Filmmakers Josh Hasty and Local Boogeyman Discuss the Making of their Movie CANDY CORN with The Boo

Get out that pumpkin and carve up another all new episode of the Boo Crew! This time around we go trick or treating with writer, director, editor, filmmaker and musician Josh Hasty! He’s brought Uncle Boogey from Local Boogeyman Productions who helped Josh bring his terrifying new vision, CANDY CORN to life!! If you are listening to this at time of release, available in theaters, VOD and blu ray today! CANDY CORN is an original slasher film with outstanding performances and practical fx, making it a real treat for the Halloween season. Hear how it all came together, the details of the soon to be iconic music score and the role Rob Zombie played in making it all possible. Make sure to inspect


...THIS IS AN IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN! OTIS B DRIFTWOOD HAS ESCAPED FROM RUGGSVILLE COUNTY PRISON! HE WAS LAST SEEN ON THE BOO CREW PODCAST EPISODE 66! The third installment in the House of A Thousand Corpses series, Rob Zombie’s “THREE FROM HELL” opens this coming week in select theaters for a special three day Fathom Events screening (on blu Ray October 15th). We wanted to get this episode out to you as a special surprise release we were able to get some time in with Otis himself, horror legend Bill Moseley right before opening week! He gets down and dirty about the return of the Firefly clan, horror films, improvising on set, exploding bananas, an exotic honeymoon and some incredible behi

The Boo Crew Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of 'The House of the Devil' With Our Favorite B

Hail Satan and commit yourself to Episode 65! This week one of our favorite actors shows up to babysit the ‘Crew - Jocelin Donahue! We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of her heart stopping work in Ti West’s masterpiece, The House of The Devil! Then go from Connecticut to The Further and Jocelin’s adventures working with James Wan, improvising with Terrence Malik and being inspired by visionary Mike Flanagan in the upcoming Doctor Sleep. What journey to hell would be complete without a trip to the SIN-ema for Chelsea Stardust’s SATANIC PANIC with special guest host Krysy Fox of the band Knee High Fox! Order some pizza with extra anchovies and put those headphones on! Follow Jocelin Donahue on:

DEAD POSEY Take The Boo Crew Behind the Veil of their Dark, Spooky Infused Rock Music!

Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down, with Danyell and Tony from the band DEAD POSEY! They take us behind the veil of their dark, spooky infused rock and macabre influences. You’ll hear tales of Ouija boards, ghosts, truly unsettling encounters with the real life boogeyman and stories of true crime. Their debut EP Freakshow is available now..and so is episode 64 of The Boo Crew! (Photo by Paul Crary) Follow DEAD POSEY on: Instagram: @deadposey Twitter: @dead_posey facebook: @deadposey Get their music and catch them on tour: ______________________ Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts: #TonyF #DeadPosey #Danyell #FreakshowEP #DeadPoseyBand #truecrime #Dont

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