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The Exorcist: Season 2 is back with New Evil Tricks!

Season two of 'The Exorcist' television show on FOX has debuted with it's first episode titled "Janus". We find our two hero priests Father Marcus and Father Tomas on the run battling evil in rural Montana. In a side plot, evil has surfaced in the remote island of Nachburn Island, Washington where foster home patriarch Andrew Kim (John Cho, 'Harold & Kumar', 'American Pie') is currently sheltering five kids, most of them teens.

The first episode of the second season sets up a nice tone for whats to come. (Minor Spoilers ahead). The setting of the large foster home on a remote island off the coast of Washington state as well as the abandoned home in the woods, the closed up well and the legend of the "Witch of the Woods". All the while, Father Tomas keeps having these creepy visions and imagery involving a black goo substance. The first episode has left us guessing. Who will become possessed? Will it be Verity (Brianne Hildebrand) who mocks God? Or how about the sleepwalking David "Truck" (Cyrus Arnold) who hears voices from the abandoned cabin in the woods? Is it the faithful and God loving Shelby (Alex Barima), or is it Caleb (Hunter Dillon), the blind fearless of the bunch? Or how about the youngest of the bunch, the sweet Grace (Amelie Eve)? Did you notice something very peculiar with one of the characters from this first episode. I did. And i'm very intrigued!

If you haven't yet watched the first season of FOX's horror hit tv show 'The Exorcist'... what are you waiting for? I suggest you go find it on their website FOX.com or on Hulu and binge watch it. If you are a fan of the original 1973 movie or the novel by William Petter Blatty, i suggest you go watch it. The show is well casted, well written, well acted and directed. Showrunner Jeremy Slater assembled a fantastic team to pull off the tv show. There are many great plot twists, surprises on the show and don't worry...NO SPOILERS here! It's well written. The horror can come at you in the dialogue as well as the imagery and visuals. There are few "I can't believed they showed that" moments on network television. A few times, i felt the anxiety, the desperation and the horror that these characters felt as they dealt with the ordeal of demonic possession. Go watch it! Then start watching Season 2! But do yourself a favor... if you don't know anything about, don't read anything on it. Just go in blindly and watch it. There are some nice surprises on this show. Enjoy!

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