• Lauren Shand

Trick 'r Treat Home Haunt Maze Review

Murder House Productions haunt theme this year was the 2007 Michael Dougherty masterpiece "Trick 'r Treat"! The haunt is located up in the hills in the residential area of Thousand Oaks, CA. Murder House Productions creator Aurora Persichetti said she started working and planning the haunt in July. We expected a massive line but lucked out to find a small amount of people waiting to go inside. We were told the night before was way more busy with haunters.

When arriving you are greeted by the iconic "Sam". The only sounds that could be heard in the quiet neighborhood, were the screams coming from inside the maze. The maze featured three rooms that were very true to the movie. The scare actors, props, and costumes were done extremely well. Although short, it packed a punch for "Trick 'r Treat" fans. The Boo Crew are excited to see what they have in store for next year, as each year is a different theme. Be sure to check them out on Facebook here!

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