• Lauren Shand

Robert Englund has Decided to Hang Up his Glove for Good

Robert Englund has decided he will no longer play the role of Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Englund who is now 70 fears he would not be able to do all the action and fighting scenes that go along with his character. England told EW "I'm too old to do another Freddy now. If I do a fight scene now it's got to be real minimal because I can't snap my head for eight different takes and different angles. My spine gets sore. I can still be mean and scary, but I'm mostly relegated now to sort of Van Helsing roles, old doctors and shit. So it's fun that the last moment of me ever playing Freddy is a wink to the audience." The last time Robert played Freddy Krueger was in 2003's Freddy vs. Jason. In 2010 Jackie Earle Haley stepped into Freddy's shoes for the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Although it did well at the box office, ultimately it was panned by fans and critics. Nobody knows the future of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but one thing that is certain is that Englund won't be our beloved Freddy.

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