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'The Exorcist' on FOX Returns Tonight with Paranormal Activity

'The Exorcist' returns tonight, November 3 on FOX. After taking the week off for the World Series, the best horror show on network television returns tonight. And it appears they've brought some paranormal activity with them to ramp things up! Episode 3 was certainly a pre-Halloween treat. Directed by Ti West (The Innkeepers, House of the Devil), this particular episode showed us something very different and unique in terms of a demonic possession case of a young girl. And at the same time, introducing a new character that goes by the name of "Mouse" and her vigilante ways. Folks, she doesn't mess around. And as Father Bennett mentioned, "Don't let her have a gun."

If you haven't yet done so. Stop what you're doing and go watch Season one of The Exorcist on Fox. This show has proven itself with it's fantastic season one cast which included Gena Davis, Hanah Kasulka, Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels. Show runner Jeremy Slater has done a fantastic job of securing the rights to be able to pull off one of television's biggest twists and plot reveals (Just wait until you get to Episode 5!). At the same time making this show scary. Almost every episode had something very thought provoking to share with it's audience.

Season 2 has proven to be fantastic with John Cho's character running a foster home for a group of young teens on an island off the coast of Seattle and our two hero priests Father Tomas and Father Marcus returning to battle evil once again.

The Rance family from the first season have not been a part of this seasons storyline. Yet. Jeremy Slater did tease earlier this year that perhaps ONE member of the Rance family could show up in a cameo role. Could that be Angela Rance? Casey Rance? Nothing has been confirmed as to who it could be nor when they would show up or why.

Although on his twitter feed yesterday, Jeremy Slater posted a fun video interview with Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas) where we see Hannah Kasulka (Casey Rance) walking into the shot in the background. (Other media sources are reporting that it is Casey Rance who is returning to the show. But no further details have been released).

I guess we'll just have to keep tuning in to see where this Season 2 storyline takes us.

You can find the show on or Hulu. You may be required to sign in with your cable or satellite login/password.

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