• Leone D'Antonio

Taika Waititi Confirms 'We’re Wolves' is Happening!

The much anticipated sequel to 'What We Do In the Shadows' is Happening! While doing press for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi has confirmed that he and Jermaine Clement are planning a sequel to his extremely funny faux documentary and it will be titled 'We're Wolves'. Get it? It's a play on words.

In 'What We Do In the Shadows', our friendly group of vampires meet a pack of werewolves while out and about one night. This crossing of paths lead to some hostility, some funny moments (Including a memorable lines about werewolves) and a unique funny plot twist.

The sequel will follow the pack of werewolves and tell their stories, very much so like that of the vampires. If you haven't seen 'What We Do In the Shadows', i highly recommend you find it on streaming, VOD, download or Blu-ray. It's a funny take on Vampires living in the 21st Century. A guaranteed laugh!

Poor Petyr!

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