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'Paranormal Activity' Director Oren Peli Says He's Done Directing

Oren Peli stated recently on Mick Garris' podcast Post Mortem that he's done with directing. The 'Paranormal Activity' Director made his 2007 hit movie wth a micro budget of just around $15,000. The movie debuted with a successful $19.6 Million in the US and made a total of $193 Million worldwide at the box office during it's run.

During the interview, Peli discussed his computer programming background, and his passion to learn how to make a movie. He taught himself how to make all the movies special effects on his personal computer and soon set out casting calls for his movie. His completed movie was ultimately picked up for distribution by BlumHouse Productions and screened at film festivals before it's wide release mega success.

Oren Peli and his wife are enjoying raising their kids and he's happy being a family man. He stated “I kind of wanted to just kind of cash out and be done [after Paranormal Activity],” Peli said. “I got sucked into [producing] the Paranormal Activity sequels; then I had lunch with Steven Spielberg, and he said, ‘Let’s do a TV show together.’ And we did ‘The River.'”“I kind of kept having different opportunities to get me sucked back in,” Peli continued, “and then I thought, ‘Yeah, I could find something to direct.’ I got sent a lot of scripts. There was one I really loved called Eliza Graves. It ended up being a whole big legal mess, and the project fell through.”Garris then asked Peli if he thought he could ever be sucked in again. To which Peli replied: “At this point, I would have to be incredibly bored.”

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