• Leone D'Antonio

Danielle Harris Stars in Supernatural Horror 'Inoperable'

Fan favorite scream queen Danielle Harris stars in a new supernatural horror movie within a unique twisted situation: a Hurricane. Harris stars as Amy, a hospital patient who must battle nightmare inducing supernatural forces or be trapped in there for eternity.

“A young woman wakes up in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching. She realizes the storm has awakened malevolent forces, trapping her in a time loop. She must escape the hospital before the storm passes or she will be trapped in its halls forever.”

Christopher Lawrence Chapman directed the film as well as co-wrote the script with Jeff Miller. The film was brought to life by Zorya Films and Millman Productions. The film stars Danielle Harris, Jeff Denton, Katie Keane. The movie looks like a twisted freaky good time and we can't wait to hit the theater to see this!

'Inoperable' will have limited weeklong runs opening December 1st in the following cities: Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

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