• Klaatu Barada

Wanna own the wood shed from Evil Dead 2?

Pretty much the largest, remaining set piece from the film can be yours over here on EBAY! It definitely has great provenance, including appearances at many conventions including Wizard World Chicago 2016 where it was reunited with Bruce Campbell himself! (photo below)

From the description in the auction, "In April of 2016, myself and a friend personally dismantled the entire Worksheet used in Evil Dead II from its original filming location in Wadesboro, North Carolina. Prior to dismantling the Worksheet, each piece was tagged and labeled so it would return to its original location upon reassembly. The Worksheet, along with various pieces of the cabin, were then transported back (to) my home just outside of Pittsburgh"

The lucky buyer also gets a transport trailer to cart it around with! Nothing more to say than, "groovy"!

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