• Belial

Put Basket Case into your basket

You know it, you love it, I just bought the steel book trilogy boxset, and now I'll have to get this version....Frank Henenlotter's classic, BASKET CASE.

After the flick was restored to 4K from the original negatives, it made its way into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art this year. Arrow Video is putting this very version into our grubby little, twin-separated, mittens!

February 27th is the day. What's in the basket? It comes with a brand new audio commentary by Henenlotter and the films star, Kevin Van Hentenryck, an interview with the twin nurses, a new making of featurette, outtakes, a look at the shooting location, Frank's 1972 short "Slash Of The Knife", a five minute animated Basket Case-esque short, trailers, radio and tv spots and even more!

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