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Boo Crew EXCLUSIVE: Rocky Gray on Everything You Need To Know About Horror Anthology 10/31!

Well hello boils and ghouls!

A handful of film freaks and mad geniuses including those behind the now cult/indie fan fave THE BARN are back with a terrifying anthology film based around everyones favorite holiday..Halloween!

We first heard about 10/31 thru their indiegogo campaign as well as some truly amazing poster art and an awesome teaser trailer.

As of this article, the first batch of 10/31 DVD's are shipping out today-so get ready for happy horror-days!

We recently sat down with two time grammy winner/former drummer of Evanescence/current drummer for the incredible WE ARE THE FALLEN, producer-director Rocky Gray to ask all about this soon-to-be classic, right down to how he scored the thing...

Can you briefly run down the plot synopsis of the film?

Sure. So our Horror Host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams (played by the talented Jennifer Nangle) is having her annual Halloween Monster Marathon and during this marathon we see 5 segments all based around Halloween and directed by Justin M. Seaman (director of The Barn), Zane Hershberger (cinematographer for the Barn), Johnny Holt (director of The Dooms Chapel Horror), Brett DeJager (director of Bonejangles) and myself. Old Hags, Vampires, Tricksters, Masked Killers, scarecrows, lots of cool stuff to see and hear in this film. We had a great time with it.

Describe the look and feel of 10/31…

Every segment has its own look, feel and sound. There are segments that are very modern in look and sound and others that are much more retro feeling.

It’s your first time directing! Explain the learning process you went thru and will you do it again? Was there anyone or any films you drew inspiration from?

I had directed and edited several music videos so that had helped in the process of doing a segment for a film. The hardest part was writing a script and scheduling actors and locating several locations and the many hats you have to wear to make it all happen not only as a director but I’m also a Producer on the film. It’s a big undertaking but I’m pretty sure I will be directing again in the future.

Having my director friends working on this film with me definitely helped when I had any questions. Solutions to any issues were never too far away.

I drew inspiration from pretty much every Halloween related movie I had ever seen and films like The Exorcist and Amityville II: The Posession. It sounds like a crazy combo but it makes more sense when you see the movie.

Loved the music you did for the already-cult-classic THE BARN. Can’t wait to hear what you do with this one. Tell us about your scoring process right down to the software you use. Do you work with all soft synths or do you ever get an orchestra involved?

Thanks! The Barn was so much fun to work on. This one was just as fun just much shorter time span to work on it haha.

I record everything in Studio One 3 Professional and the full version of Kontakt is my go to sampler. I use a lot of different stuff including real guitar and bass to get whatever sound I’m looking for but probably 80% of everything you hear is out of Kontakt. Studio One 3 is used for my picture playback as well. At some point I would love to work with an actual orchestra but right now I’m having a blast scoring with just me, some guitars and a keyboard.

In your opinion, what are some of the best scores in horror history...

John Carpenter’s Halloween, Halloween III, The Fog, Prince of Darkness. Friday the 13th Part II, A Nightmare on Elm St., Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Halloween II (2009),

Trick ‘r Treat, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Saw, Psycho, The Gates of Hell, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the list goes on and on, there are truly an ocean of great soundtracks to great films.

Can you talk about what’s in store for the rollout of the movie? Any more screenings planned…VOD…dvd/blu ray release?

We are getting our distribution plan together as we speak. All of our Indiegogo backers that bought the dvd saw the film last October and are about to get their physical copies now.

We haven’t booked any new festivals but we plan on being at as many conventions as we can make it to in 2018.

Finally...tell us about that AMAZING poster with the levitating ghost. Probably one of the most impactful I've ever seen..

The “Floating Ghost” poster was done by Travis Smith. He has done quite a few pieces for me over the many years I’ve known Travis and he amazes me every time.

Our original “Trick or Treaters” poster was done by Tim Baron and he did a great job on that poster as well.

I’m glad that we were able to grab some super stand out designs for our film to help us jump off the screen and shelf.

Thanks so much for your time Rocky!!!

Anytime. Thank YOU!

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