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'The Crossbreed' is Haunting this March and here's the Creepy Trailer to Prove it

In horror movies, kids can sometimes be creepy. Okay, they are always creepy. A new film in the creepy kid sub-genre of horror is coming to DVD and VOD platforms on March 6. Brought to you Breaking Glass Pictures and Directed by Biray Dalkiran, the movie looks like it was inspired partly by Rosemary's Baby, but the trailer shows you that they just turned this one up to 11.

The Crossbreed follows a couple that are investigating a tragic story of a pregnant woman stoned to death in a small village. It appear that the same evil that drove those villagers insanely angry with rage may now be haunting these two, including the unborn baby.

The Crossbreed stars Angela Durazo, Nathan Schellerup, Malina Lee Shaffer, Danny Winn, Katy Bentz, Chad Ayers, and Marques Bobesich.

Synopsis: A long time ago in a small village, a young woman had nightmares of a demon. One night, she felt evil encompass her, and woke up screaming. The next morning, she was pregnant. Unable to hide the pregnancy, she was locked away by her father, but the evil could not be contained and was birthed into the village. In a rage, the villagers stoned the woman to death and sealed their fate as the demon exacted bloody revenge on them all, except two sisters tasked with taking care of the baby. Now, another young woman is secretly pregnant and considering an abortion. While she thinks through her choices, she and her husband are sent to a village to research a story about demonic possession. Little does she know, she is just a pawn in birthing the ultimate evil into the world

Look for 'The Crossbreed' on DVD and VOD platforms on March 6.

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