• Leone D'Antonio

It's Alive...Fangoria Has Been Resurrected!

Fangoria is making a comeback! Fangoria Magazine has been resurrected from the deepest bowels of horror extinction and is returning back to print (under new ownership, of course). A teaser video has crept it's way along the horror community socials and websites and has surfaced surprising everyone. It is reported that Tony Timpone and Michael Gingold are returning to assist in the editorial department. The new owner is Cinestate founder Dallas Sonnier who produced 'Brawl in Cell Block 99' along with the forthcoming 'Puppet Master' movie remake is the mystery man who's taken over the Fangoria empire from it's previous owners.

“We are fully committed to restoring faith in Fangoria with the horror fan community, so many of whom bought subscriptions, but never received their magazines,” explained Sonnier. “We have also been reaching out to previous Fangoria contributors to introduce ourselves and invite them back into the tent for future collaborations. This is a process, but we are confident in our ability to earn back trust and be good partners in a brand that personally means so much to so many awesome people.”

Under it's new ownership, Cinestate will develop Fangoria into a brand for producing movies and podcasts, as well as publishing horror novels.

Check out the new Fangoria website for more information!

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