• Leone D'Antonio

A Surprise Release from Netflix: 'Veronica' is Now Streaming

Netflix seems to be having a blast with all of the surprise releases lately. 'Veronica' is no different. As horror fans have been waiting for word on a US release date for 'Veronica', Netflix swooped right in for the streaming rights here in the states and unleashed the film today! I like this new netflix model. Get it and release it! Works for me.

'Veronica' is directed by Paco Plaza who co-directed one of the best found footage movies every made, 2007's [REC]. "Veronica is about a young woman (Sandra Escacena) who must protect her younger brother and sister after she attempts to bring back the spirit of their dead father through an Ouija ritual."

The movie screened at last year's Toronto International Film Festival as well as Chicago's Cinepocalypse. Ever since, leaving those viewers and reviews wondering when this movie would see the light of day in the form of a US release date. Well, it's finally here.

Check out the trailer and movie tonight on Netflix!

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