• Leone D'Antonio

The Tension Experience: The Next Chapter

An unlikely team-up has occurred. Darren Lynn Bausman (Repo!, Saw II - IV) has teamed up with Joe and Anthony Russo of Marvel movies fame (Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War) to bring forth the next chapter of The Tension Experience. Announced today, they will be teaming with AGBO to develop a whole new immersive experience with new destinations and brand partnerships.

It appears the first order of business is to create and establish a permanent destination in sin city, Las Vegas. The interesting thing about Vegas is, others in the horror community such as Eli Roth have tried to establish year-round haunts and immersive, interactive experiences but were not successful. But this one looks promising. They are looking to bring a high-end interactive experience within a created world that delivers based on individuals choices made within. It also promises to include new and state of the art technologies.

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