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Episode 17 - Creature Features with Special Guest Madman Mike Mendez!

The writer / director / genius behind films like ‘The Convent’, ‘Don’t Kill It’, ‘Big Ass Spider’, ‘Tales of Halloween’ and more @madmanmendez creeps thru the bookcase. Find out how to make an incredible horror film in like, two weeks! Take a look at his unbelievable collection of toys, memorabilia, and props!

Also-The Boo Crew retreats from a monster invasion in the Screaming Room where they face off against THE FLY, FRANKENSTEIN, THE HOST and WEREWOLVES!

All this AND @timtimebomb is back with the ‘Crew as co-host after a busy few months of working on some projects and being out on the road on tour!

Download this monster sized episode now!

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Twitter: @madmanmendez

Instagram: @madmanmendez

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