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Step Right up to Episode 42 as The Boo Crew Chats with the Insanely Talented Darren Lynn Bousman!

Wanna play a game? Then step right up to Episode 42 for our chat with the insanely talented Darren Lynn Bousman! Hear his truly remarkable story of how he went from getting fired off the set of The X-Files to writing and directing Saw 2! Accidentally meeting Michael Rooker when he first got to Hollywood! The stories behind Repo: The Genetic Opera and the whimsically dark set design (like that amazing corridor of portraits!) Becoming the architect of the most incredible immersive experiences in existence, like Tension, Lust, Theater Macabre and more! Some lasting an entire year. Hear the creepiest set story…you’ve EVER heard and all about his latest terrifying flick, ST. AGATHA, available everywhere now! We absolutely love this dude, and we are sure you will too (like you don’t already!) To get ready for Darren’s amazing stories, pregame with the Boo Crew as we check out Pet Sematary with our post screening chat! Go dig it up now!

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