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The Boo Crew Gets Spooky with Actress, Model, Host, Horror Personality and Creator LeeAnna Vamp!

Sink your teeth into The Boo Crew Podcast episode 52 with actress, host, model, horror personality and creator, LeeAnna Vamp! Hear her amazing story of building her brand from her beginnings in cosplay to her many convention appearances, podcast, tv and film work, spooky children’s show and more! She’ll give you a sticky and sweet lesson about the birds and the bees (she’s a legit beekeeper!), take you ghost hunting, dig up her favorite fright flicks and her horror firsts! PLUS Sara Rose Orlandini joins us for a new segment called LOCAL HAUNTS where she tells us all about the terrifying itinerary she has in store this summer starting Friday, as well as the fearfully fascinating place her art space, SugarMynt Gallery, holds in Halloween movie lore! Then we raise the stakes with our fave films from the undead! Get out the garlic and your crucifix…

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