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The Boo Crew Gathers Around the Campfire with Writer Director André Øvredal for Some Scary Stories

Curl up with a surprise episode of The Boo Crew for some Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark with the films Director, André Øvredal! This spoiler free chat makes a great prologue before you check out this incredibly fun horror-adventure, in theaters now, OR make new discoveries when you listen after you see it! Read up on how they chose which elements of the infamous books to translate to film! The process of bringing Stephen Gammell’s original terrifying and unforgettable artwork to life! Learn about Andres unique creative partnership with Academy Award Winner Guillermo del Toro! Where they found that incredible haunted house and more. You better believe we spent some time cutting open one of your faves, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, as well, but not before taking you on a troll hunt! Hurry and grab this one...before the story writes itself...

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Instagram: @andreovredal

Twitter: @Filmtroll

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