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The Boo Crew Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of 'The House of the Devil' With Our Favorite B

Hail Satan and commit yourself to Episode 65! This week one of our favorite actors shows up to babysit the ‘Crew - Jocelin Donahue! We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of her heart stopping work in Ti West’s masterpiece, The House of The Devil! Then go from Connecticut to The Further and Jocelin’s adventures working with James Wan, improvising with Terrence Malik and being inspired by visionary Mike Flanagan in the upcoming Doctor Sleep. What journey to hell would be complete without a trip to the SIN-ema for Chelsea Stardust’s SATANIC PANIC with special guest host Krysy Fox of the band Knee High Fox! Order some pizza with extra anchovies and put those headphones on!

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