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The Boo Crew Chat with Lin Shaye and Sean Patrick Flanery of FRANK & PENELOPE

Your Boo Crew is back with our 2nd of THREE all new shows this week! This time around you are spending an hour with two extraordinary storytellers who have both had a profound impact on pop culture and genre films - Sean Patrick Flanery and Lin Shaye! Their new surreal and wonderful blood soaked crime thriller FRANK AND PENELOPE is in theaters June 3rd! Step into this immaculately crafted world created by Sean in his feature directorial debut. Hear about the thought process, the challenges and details that went into each frame. Take a look at how the poetic script came together laced in muscle cars, cults, sex and Americana! Drive into the craft of creating unforgettable moments and characters with the legendary Lin Shaye and so much more! Episode 325 is now slaying!

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Instagram: @mslinshaye

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Instagram: @spflanery

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