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The Boo Crew are Joined by TORN HEARTS Filmmaker, the Multi Award Winning Brea Grant

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, its open mic night with multi award winning creative force, Brea Grant! She is an absolute powerhouse from her diverse acting career on a myriad of the coolest tv shows ever made from Dexter to Heroes and in the films of Rob Zombie, Darren Lynn Bousman and more. An acclaimed comic book creator, podcaster and writer / director who’s own films have crept into our imaginations and are among the most talked about horror flicks of the decade, including the Fantasia winning 12 hour shift and Lucky! She is back with an all new foray into terror paved in pink and splattered in blood! TORN HEARTS is available on digital May 20th! Brea lets you in on the horror that created her obsession with the genre and takes you along on her journey to this maniacal thrill ride into a wicked dark side of the Nashville music scene that is so unsettling and well constructed, you’ll be hanging from every word. Episode 322 celebrates the genius of Brea Grant and its now slaying!

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Instagram: @breagrant

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