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The Boo Crew Attend a Special MIDNIGHT MASS with Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan

Your Boo Crew is back for a SECOND all new episode this week with a new release every day until Friday! So far you’ve spent time with Don Mancini, the creator of the CHILD’S PLAY franchise. Still to come the talented storytellers behind the new series DAY OF THE DEAD and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!

This time around we invite you to share in a very special conversation with the absolutely brilliant, Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan. Their latest experience, MIDNIGHT MASS is truly a gift to behold and has been igniting some of the most deeply ruminative reviews, praise and prose we have ever seen, turning critics and fans into poets. We explore it’s terrifying elegance in an abundance of detail. Relive some of the most impactful moments from the series from an all new perspective with a focus on the exceptional cast. Go inside The heart wrenching scene shared by Robert Longstreet and Annarah Cymone, crafting the poignant Episode 5 and the indelible impact Kate’s portrayal of Erin has left with her. Unravel the magic of the Newton Brothers and the path to this incredibly unique score and so much more, including a look ahead to new projects like Mike’s take on Poe with THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER! Mike and Kate are hilarious, thoughtful and absolutely touching. You are officially invited to attend Mass, for episode 266!

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Twitter: @flanaganfilm

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Twitter: @k8siegel

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