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The Boo Crew Catch Up with Writer Director Aaron B. Koontz

On an all new episode of The Boo Crew, you are joined by writer, director, president and founder of Paper Street Pictures, Aaron B Koontz! We catch up with Aaron to see what he’s up to next (..and it involves sharks and Alicia Silverstone), a look back on his success with the outstanding SCARE PACKAGE and his witches vs cowboys flick, THE PALE DOOR. Get some recent horror recommendations and if you are an aspiring filmmaker, some phenomenal insight into the process of making your genre dreams a reality going thru Aaron’s journey as a student at Full Sail University alongside Adam Wingard, E.L. Kats and alumnus Darren Lynn Bousman among many others and hear about the helping hand Aaron has extended to horror filmmakers with the BLOOD OATH collective - “Making Scary Movies Less Scary To Make”! Episode 256 with Aaron B Koontz is now playing!

Follow Aaron B. Koontz on:

Instagram: @aaronbkoontz

Twitter: @aaronbkoontz

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