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The Boo Crew Chat 'GHOSTOBER' Horror Lineup with Horror Master Eli Roth

All October its Trick or Treats with your Boo Crew! New shows In addition to our regular Tuesday release for the entire month! And what a month it’s been! At time of recording this, we just literally walked in the door from a screening of Terrifier 2 over at the Burbank AMC! To see a movie like that in a packed theater - we can’t put into words. That communal experience of being trapped in the dark on a thrill ride with a few hundred people and a demented bloody clown is absolutely wondrous! The theater is definitely not where ALL the spooky action is this Halloween season! Discovery plus and Travel Channel is in the midst of GHOSTOBER. Part of that program lineup includes some spectacular new shows from horror master - Eli Roth - who joins us for a conversation about Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet available now and premiering on October 28th the anthology series URBAN LEGEND and capping off on Halloween night, he joins Zak Bagans for THE HAUNTED MUSEUM : 3 RING INFERNO, another remarkable story based on a haunted item as Zak’s museum in Vegas! We don’t only talk about demonic horses and tarantulas and terrifying tales of modern folklore spun by exciting up and coming horror filmmakers, but Eli’s storied cinematic career bringing us the unforgettable nightmares that have changed the entire genre. We share some of our fave moments from his films, he reflects on his. He loads you up with his watchlist for Halloween and lets you in on a brand new haunted house VR experience he is brewing, conjuring horror flicks with fifty cent and so much more! Episode 353 with Eli Roth is now slaying!!

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