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The Boo Crew Chat Horror, Music, and True Crime with Ethan Embry

Wow are we ever stoked for you to be apart of this one! On Episode 181 you are hangin out with one of our favorite actors in the world, the awe inspiring Ethan Embry! Dig into his unbelievable work in THE DEVIL’S CANDY, CHEAP THRILLS, CAN’T HARDLY WAIT, his recent episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and more! Revisit the cult fave tv show he starred in from the creators of The Blair Witch Project, FREAKYLINKS, find out what horror movie left it’s imprint on him. We talk music, family, true crime and his adventures at the LA landmark, The Cecil Hotel. PLUS it’s another edition of Horror Homework where we log in to Ice Nine Kills Silver Stream and get our haunt on, at a distance! We are all waiting for you! Episode 181 is only a click away!

Follow Ethan Embry at:

Instagram: @ethanembry

Twitter: @EmbryEthan

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