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The Boo Crew Chat Rare Macabre Antiques with Ryan Matthew Cohn of The Oddities Flea Market

On a second all new episode of your Boo Crew this week, he is the world’s leading figure and expert in the collecting of rare macabre antiques and oddities - returning guest and friend of the show, Ryan Matthew Cohn! Along with his wife Regina Marie Cohn, he is the co-founder and curator of the spectacular ODDITIES FLEA MARKET. At time of release, returning to Los Angeles at the Globe Theater THIS WEEKEND March 26th and 27th go to theodditiesfleamarket dot com for tickets! Ryan takes you thru his collecting origins and his obsession with everything from medical ephemera to the strange and unusual items of natural history! Can an object be imbued with a spirit? We talk dark art and the kind of things you’ll be able to haunt your house with at these deliciously spooky oddities flea market events and so much more! Episode 310 is Now Playing!

Follow The Oddities Flea Market at:

Twitter: @OdditiesFlea

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Instagram: @ryanmatthewcohn

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