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The Boo Crew Chat with Filmmaker Vaughn Stein and Actors India Eisley and Sam Claflin

Back again for a THIRD all new episode this week! Solve the mysteries of episode 215! You are joined by filmmaker Vaughn Stein and actors India Eisley and Sam Claflin. At time of release, their fantastic new thriller, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE is in select theaters and VOD now! You’ll spend time with each one of them separately as they let you into the world of tension they created. They’ll talk about the mechanics of conveying suspense and the experience of their performances. We’ll also take a look at some of their other work including Vaughn’s film, “Inheritance”, Sam’s incredible turn in Jennifer Kent’s “The Nightingale” and India Eisley’s mind bending “Look Away”, her stint as a vampire / lycan hybrid in “Underworld” and much more! The twist, is that Episode 215 is now playing!

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