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The Boo Crew Chat with Legendary Filmmaker, Author and Actor, Nick Frost!

How’s this for a slice of fried gold? On episode 235 - join The Boo Crew and legendary filmmaker, author and actor, Nick Frost! We talk horror, the paranormal and creating the perfect villain. Dissect Lauren’s favorite scene from her favorite movie in the entire world (and likely one of yours too) SHAUN OF THE DEAD! Then… it’s a journey into the 1940’s for Nick’s latest role as Dr. Bertram in the delightfully dark, “WHY WOMEN KILL SEASON 2”, airing exclusively on Paramount + now, with a new episode every Thursday! Bring the noise with an all new Boo Crew now!

Follow Nick Frost on:

Instagram: @friedgold

Twitter: @nickjfrost

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