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The Boo Crew Chat with Niki Koss, the Star of the New EDM-laced Slasher Film DREAMCATCHER

The beat is dropping and so is the latest of FOUR all new episodes this week on a Boo Crew Wicked Weekend! We are off to the club with Niki Koss, the star of the new EDM-laced slasher film, DREAMCATCHER-in theaters, digital and on demand now! We talk about building this stylish and unique horror flick, overcoming and innovating thru challenges of the indie filmmaking process, franchise possibilities and Niki’s unforgettable and gory experience in Chris Landon’s phenomenal “Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse”. PLUS look into her journey as a filmmaker herself and the latest in her feature length directorial debut starring legends Tony Todd and Eric Robert’s! Fill your dance card with episode 206 now!

Follow Niki Koss on:

Instagram: @nikikoss

Twitter: @NikiKoss

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