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The Boo Crew Chat with the Star and Director of PREY FOR THE DEVIL Jacqueline Byers & Daniel Stamm

We continue our Trick Or Treat with The Boo Crew Marathon for Halloween 2022! New shows in addition to our regular Tuesday release practically every day leading up to Halloween! On episode 359 there is a FANTASTIC new film opening in theaters everywhere now, just in time for Halloween weekend! You’ve got to go experience PREY FOR THE DEVIL! A truly unique story of possession given so much gravity anchored by an astounding and empowering performance by the gifted actor Jacqueline Byers. We are so excited to bring you in on this conversation with Jacqueline and the architect of this experience, the films director Daniel Stamm (THE LAST EXORCISM // Fear The Walking Dead // 13 Sins). Here about this wonderful and fresh take on this absolutely terrifying sub genre and how they used inventiveness and empathy to craft something truly unique. We explore their own paths in the horror genre and what it means to them, the shocking truths behind exorcisms and its current process, get to the bottom of the real life prayer that accompanies your blu ray of The Last Exorcism and so much more! Episode 359 with Jacqueline Byers and Daniel Stamm for PREY FOR THE DEVIL, is now slaying!

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