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The Boo Crew Chat with THE WRATH OF BECKY Filmmakers Suzanne Coote and Matt Angel

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew…. ok… so the sequel to 2020’s drive-in smash, “Becky”.. is one of the coolest and most fun films ever!! THE WRATH OF BECKY starring Lulu Wilson, is in theaters everywhere May 26th. You are joined by the film’s creators, the duo of Suzanne Coote and Matt Angel (The Open House / Hypnotic)! Listen to their incredible stories of indie filmmaking and their passionate approach and dedication to using all of the creative tools out there in order to give you an absolutely wild ride. This film will crawl inside you and poke at every nerve in the best way. A relentless, blood soaked odyssey of revenge and redemption-tore from the pages of a comic book. It’s all happening on Episode 384 with THE WRATH OF BECKY, now slaying!


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