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The Boo Crew Dial Up the Incredible Fede Alvarez and Chat About His All New Apple TV+ Series CALLS

Dial up episode 208 of the Boo Crew for a conversation with returning guest to the show, the incredible writer/director-Fede Alvarez! Hear about his all new, groundbreaking tv series - CALLS! All nine episodes available exclusively on Apple TV+ March 19th. He’ll tell you how he crafted this unique and unsettling experience of making you a part of a creepy narrative told entirely thru phone calls and artful visuals...featuring an amazing cast including the likes of Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan, Jennifer Tilly and Lily Collins. Learn about the magic of creating the score with Midsmommar’s “Haxan Cloak”. In an exclusive, he’ll also let you in on the latest from the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film he is producing and so much more! PLUS the ‘Crew checks out the new Shudder original, “Stay Out of the F**king Attic”! The Boo Crew is giving you a call to hang out with us on an all new episode now!

Follow Fede Alvarez on:

Instagram: @iamfedealvarez

Twitter: @fedalvar

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