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The Boo Crew Enter the Ring with Acclaimed Actor and Martial Artist Joe Taslim

“Get over here!”- for a THIRD all new episode of your Boo Crew this week! Enter the ring with acclaimed actor and martial artist Joe Taslim! His extremely fun and gory new film MORTAL KOMBAT is in theaters and HBO Max now! He’ll tell you all about bringing to life the iconic video game villain, Sub Zero and the art of putting the viewer in the middle of the blood drenched action when it comes to immersive fight sequences. We also discuss the incredible horror films of Indonesia and so much more! PLUS in another addition of Horror Homework, The Boo Crew catch up on the flood of amazing horror content including season 2 of Creepshow, The Banishing, Jakob’s Wife and...yes...there might be some bad singing involved. Sorry. Episode 224 is a fatality!

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Instagram: @joe_taslim

Twitter: @Joe_Taslim

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