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The Boo Crew Experience a Real Life Dark Fairytale with Award Winning Writer, Director Issa López

Once upon a time...on a new episode of The Boo Crew - join us in a real life fairytale and hang out with award winning writer / director Issa López! Explore her stunning film “TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID”, that everyone from Stephen King to Guillermo del Toro and Mike Flanagan are hailing as a must see. It’s now available to own on dvd and a beautiful Blu-ray steel book! Go with her on the journey to making this film and the story of taking dreams....and bending them into reality. She is inspirational, evocative, and breaks all the rules... She is Issa López! Episode 125 is waiting for you now!

Follow Issa López on:

Instagram: @issitalopez

Twitter: @issitalopez

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