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The Boo Crew Get Locked in a Historic Theater with THE LAST MATINEE Filmmaker Maximiliano Contenti

On an all new episode of Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew, you are joined by award winning filmmaker, Maxi Contenti! At time of release, his new movie - THE LAST MATINEE - A Bloody Disgusting and Dark Star Pictures Film. It’s a beautiful and brutal giallo slasher taking place at a historic theater during a screening of a horror movie. We talk about the genre film community in Uruguay and it’s amazing creations, crafting a unique villain, committing to awesome practical fx and his ideas for expanding this universe. Dark Star Pictures and Bloody Disgusting releases the Uruguay-Argentinian horror film THE LAST MATINEE on VOD, Digital and DVD on August 24th. We’ve got your ticket to The Last Matinee with Maxi Contenti on episode 252. It’s showtime!

Follow Maximiliano Contenti at:

Instagram: @maxicontenti

Twitter: @maxcontenti

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