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The Boo Crew Go Witch Hunting with Filmmaker Neil Marshall and Phenomenal Actor Charlotte Kirk

Groundbreaking filmmaker Neil Marshall and phenomenal actor and writer Charlotte Kirk cast a spell on you for episode 195! Together they bring you an outstanding new film called THE RECKONING - in theaters on demand and digital February 5th! Hear about their journey to take us back to the insanely horrific witch hunts of the 1600s. Learn about the horror films that created THEM! Hear about the exciting new things they have on deck! We talk demons, gangsters, Dog Soldiers and a new potential sequel (ahhhhh!! Yes!!), the latest on Neil’s upcoming blood drenched creature feature, THE LAIR, and so much more! Then we go to our patreon and turn the show over to YOU in a new feature we call “THE FEARSOME FOUR” where you join us on the show to talk about YOUR favorite films and we celebrate YOU! First up - Maci Baker! Join our coven and possess episode 195 of your Boo Crew now!

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