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The Boo Crew Chat with Ali Larter Star of THE LAST VICTIM

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew - hang out with the wonderful Ali Larter! She continues to give us incredible characters and the unforgettable performances that are at the heart of some of the coolest films and franchises ever made! From Resident Evil, Final Destination, House on Haunted Hill to Creepshow, we revisit it all! Her brand new survival thriller, THE LAST VICTIM is in theaters and VOD May 13th, starring alongside of her the great Ron Perlman and Ralph Ineson from The Witch, The Green Knight and more. She tells the fascinating story of a film 20 years in the making, the challenges, the unique voice and perspective of the movie and we’ll discover a Final Destination Easter egg together! The Boo crew podcast episode 319 with Ali Larter is now slaying!

Follow Ali Larter on:

Instagram: @alilarter

Twitter: @therealAliL

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