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The Boo Crew Hitchhike with THE PASSENGER Filmmaker Fernando González Gómez

Your Boo Crew is back for a third time this week with another all new episode! We stop to pickup 22 time award winning filmmaker, Fernando González Gómez! At time of release his new sci fi horror grossout THE PASSENGER, is in theaters June 3rd and on digital and on demand June 28th from Bloody Disgusting and Darkstar pictures! Tear into the awesome dialogue, the outstanding practical fx work from the team behind the REC films, get introduced to VAN-Nessa, one of horrors newest icons! Find out how some of the coolest shots and scenes were put together and a peak at what’s to come in their upcoming horror adventure! Episode 326 with THE PASSENGERS, Fernando González Gómez is now slaying!

Follow Fernando González Gómez on:

Instagram: @fergonzalezcut

Twitter: @FerGonzalezCut

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