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The Boo Crew Paints a Blood Soaked Masterpiece with Writer, Producer, Director Joe Begos

Get out your canvas and start painting your masterpiece while you listen to Episode 112! Join the Boo Crew in convo with writer, producer and director Joe Begos! He talks about his terrific new films VFW and BLISS available now on VOD. Learn all about Joe’s incredible creative process and immersive filmmaking, dissect some awesome scenes from both films with a fascinating look behind the camera, working with his Channel 83 collective including Dora Madison and the ensemble of genre legends in VFW and tons and TONS (and tons) of amazing gore, analog synths and really rad lighting. Indoctrinate yourself into the Church Of Begos with Episode 112 NOW!

Follow Joe Begos on:

Instagram: @joebegos

Twitter: @JoeBegos

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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