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The Boo Crew Revisit POLTERGEIST with Oliver Robins - Live from Propstore

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, we go back to 1982 and the Tobe Hooper Classic POLTERGEIST! We had the chance to talk with Oliver Robins who at 10 years old, played the role of Robbie Freeling! At time of release, PROPSTORE, who are having their Summer Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction 2023 June 28th, thru 30th - are auctioning off the screened used evil clown doll used in the film and in particular the sequence where the doll attacks the young boy. Oliver is TERRIFIC, he shares his experience working with Tobe and Steven Spielberg, fascinating behind the scenes stories and how that adventure inspired him to be a filmmaker today! He’s got a really fun independent horror film he wrote, directed and starred in called CELEBRITY CRUSH on vod now, about a former child star getting the attention of an obsessive fan on the convention circuit. The fictional movie Oliver’s character stars in IN Celebrity Crush is a vintage 80s slasher called CHAINFACE CLOWN and Oliver’s got great ideas to make that a reality so let’s rally behind Oliver and whenever there is news or updates we will definitely share that with you! Join us on the rooftop of the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angles, for a chat with Oliver Robins from Poltergeist! Now slaying!


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