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The Boo Crew Share Scary Stories with NIGHTBOOKS Filmmaker David Yarovesky

Your Boo Crew is back for a SECOND all new episode this week! We welcome back award winning filmmaker and creative genius, David Yarovesky! At time of release his new film NIGHTBOOKS produced by Sam Raimi, is available exclusively on Netflix now! this thing is absolutely MARVELOUS! It’s the ultimate love letter to horror fandom, witches, spooky old world architecture, immersive design, creatures, gross out effects wizardry and so much more! What Yarvo and team have painstakingly created here is a new genre classic that entire families will enjoy for years to come, with more than enough frights to keep everyone under its spell. We delve into some spoiler territory, which makes this a great companion piece for after you experience the film if that’s a big deal to you! That said, explore the look and feel of Natacha’s apartment - a place where you will most definitely want to spend the rest of your life in! The stunning costume work of Autumn Steed, also responsible for the outfits in Yarvo’s movie BRIGHTBURN. Autumn always lights the screen on FIRE! How David and master composer Michael Abels created a unique sonic world unlike no other. Hear about building this film from the ground up during lockdown using VR headsets as collaborative tools and unveil all of Natacha’s secrets! This film is a very special one and we are so excited for you to enjoy it with us! The incredibly cool David Yarovesky on Episode 257 is now playing!

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