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The Boo Crew Sit in the Makeup Chair with Award Winning Special FX Artist Tony Gardner

Join The Boo Crew in the makeup chair for Episode 183 with award winning special fx artist Tony Gardner from Alterian Inc! With close to 200 credits to his name he has an unbelievable legacy of work in many of your favorite genre films from The Return of The Living Dead to Aliens, The Lost Boys, Evil Dead 2, Darkman, ZOMBIELAND, Seed Of Chucky to the most recently Happy Death Day and brand new in theaters, the number one movie at the box office, Chris Landon’s FREAKY! Hear about the films that drove his passion and inspired him! The secrets to fx he created for The Addams Family films, Hocus Pocus and more. PLUS on a brand new edition of Horror Homework, your ‘Crew discusses the terrifying 2011 film that is going viral right now-the absolutely shocking, MEGAN IS MISSING and new to streaming, 2020’s CADAVER. Episode 183 is NOW PLAYING!

Follow Tony Gardner at:

Instagram: @tonygardner

Instagram: @alterianinc

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