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The Boo Crew Chat with the Stars of THE FEAR STREET Trilogy Olivia Scott Welch and Ryan Simpkins

Who’s up this week? Three guesses! Go to summer camp with your Boo Crew and two of the stars of the Netflix horror phenomenon, THE FEAR STREET TRILOGY! We descend into Sarah Fier’s caves with the incredibly Ryan Simpkins and Olivia Scott Welch! They are two hardcore horror fans and we get all into their love of the genre, the films that helped them bring Alice and Sam to life in Fear Street, the stories behind the most brutal kills (bread slicer anyone?), the amazing practical fx work and so much more, as we gear up for the final installment - FEAR STREET 1666! The latest, FEAR STREET 1978 is currently the number one movie on Netflix! Shadysiders unite for episode 241!

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