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The Boo Crew Take a Trip to Horror Paradise with Darren Lynn Bousman and Alex Essoe

Join the Boo Crew as you go on a tropical vacation to Thailand for legendary creator, Darren Lynn Bousman’s latest horror flick, DEATH OF ME - in theaters, on demand and digital October 2nd! Hang out with Darren and one of the stars of the film - as well as one of the coolest and most exciting actors, musicians and creators out there, Alex Essoe! They get into building the lore of this hypnotic and mysterious world that expertly unfolds before your very eyes. Darren reveals some secrets from the upcoming SPIRAL:THE BOOK OF SAW, Alex gets into her iconic scenes in the tremendous masterpiece, STARRY EYES that changed indie horror, her work in Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, the upcoming Bly Manor and Midnight Mass as well as the fantastic new horror film she wrote called HOMEWRECKER! All that and a very special look into Darren’s latest immersive experience that you can do right at home - ONE DAY DIE. Get your ticket to paradise on flight 160, now boarding!

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Instagram: @darrenbousman

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