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Episode 21 - The Boo Crew Takes a Trip to Devil’s Kettle with Academy Award-Winning Screenwriter Dia

It's The Boo Crew Podcast Episode #21!

A trip to Devil’s Kettle with Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody! This meant so much to us as her films are always in our “best of” lists, including one of our all time favorite horror flicks, Jennifer’s Body. For fans of the film (and those who have yet to discover it) this is the JB interview that you’ve been waiting for! We talk about her idea for a Jennifer’s Body TV series (write the networks!) and delve into a convo about a genre and fandom Diablo is SO passionate about....horror. Explore her obsession with Freddy Krueger and musicals. Sweet Valley High and The Exorcist. Diablo Cody.. frickin ..RULES. We also went to see The Meg, and showed up late. Go get it!

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