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Episode 22 - Special Guest Ti West Checks Into The Boo Crew Inn for Fright Flick Awesomeness!

It's The Boo Crew Podcast Episode #22!

There’s always room at The Boo Crew Inn for Ti West! We track him down to talk about his career making some of the best horror films of the past two decades. The Innkeepers..The House Of The Devil..and more! Discover the real life haunted secrets behind the Yankee Pedlar Inn that inspired the movie. Break down why Ti West films are so darn terrifying and full of style, and get a pep talk on how to do this YOURSELF. Get the scoop on what he’s up to next! The crew gets out the popcorn for a Ti West Film Fest and talks fright flick awesomeness! Draw a pentagram on the floor and call the babysitter- The Boo Crew is bringing the pizza!

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