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Episode 23 - The Boo Crew Prays for Forgiveness with Corin Hardy Director of THE NUN

It’s The Boo Crew Podcast Episode 23!

Pray for forgiveness as you confess you’ve listened to our convo with Corin Hardy, Director of THE NUN, in theaters everywhere Friday September 7th! Hear about the creepy supernatural occurrences that happened behind the scenes, scout some of the terrifying set locations and learn about the casting process. Then, alongside Tim Timebomb, in a Boo Crew exclusive, Corin performs the song he wrote for the crew as a parting gift once filming wrapped, for the only time ever heard outside the walls of the set! Tim follows this up by “Conjuring” up a surprise musical performance of his own. Join the communion and download now!

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Instagram: @corinhardy

Twitter: @corinhardy

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